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The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes

by Gi3MO

Giztro 00:42
1st Verse Late this evening But i made it raise the ceiling Cane to trade It aint Appealing Like the vacant feeling gained from cheating Play the game, arrange a meeting Or just Take a Beating Claim you need it Settle beefing With a lame agreement Put you in the frame and you'll get blamed for stealing Ace revealing, making trails Like a Blazing phoenix Save ya Scheming Ancient demon With hellacious features Pay the meter, raise my feet up With a case of beaters Pay my travel Like a paratrooper, barracuda, Hacking up you larrys Without Mac computers Fuck a salad I'm as fat as Buddha at the boozer and a bruiser Cladded with the padding like a mass consumer Act a nuisance Tag ya Bentley Phantom Cruiser With some mad solutions Scratch ya windows with the Hand of Kruger Mash bazookas, You can't reach me like a Dan haduken, Cancer tumor, Gary With an automatic Rap maneuver (Chorus) Can't take no more (Can't take no more) So say no more (Whut) All these jank spitters yea they ruin it for me and they're doing it for free!? Can't take no more (Can't take no more) So say no more (Whut) All these jank rappers yea they ruin it for me and they're doing it for free!? 2nd Verse Fuck them twats Above the flat I live in Fuck your gang they're wack at spittin' Had me thinking Dam my fam are killing All these actors in it, innit Smash your image, snatch your spirit Like I dashed a mirror matching image it was for the cash I did it Clashing till you man submitting Spat specific, practice with them massive lyrics, Max emitted passion in it Bad suspicion that is lingering like Cactus pricking Copycats are slippin' cos they lack sufficient naturalisms Uhh huh you mugs are in a lotta trouble Dodgy actors cat their favourtie rappers like a body double Im'a dog you with the knowledge Have your morals muddled Clobber you and leave you swallowed up under some solid rubble Jostle hustles , picking up the pieces Like you droppin puzzles, hope ur dogs are muzzled When the Grog is guzzled, Not as subtle Since a horrid little wrongun with a Snotty bubble I been in some constant trouble (Chorus)
Iron Gut 02:55
Verse 1 Self raised, That was the burden for real Its like I'm out here making flour Cos I work for the mil Chasing clowns for dirty wages In this circus of filth Purpose built, Leave you layin on a Burgundy quilt With no guilt Pass the case and crack another Stella, Cos my lines on every road just Like they double yellas run it clever, don't assume that I won't lump a fella Punch a bredda, never shy away from any Scuffle ever Spittin' blood Stand for everything I live and love, Hit em up and never stop until the Giz is dust I got the whole crowd rockin' cos I'm sick as fuck, Bring the dubs Pull my card, I'm the king of clubs You're miniature around the boss Its sinister up out the top Bound to god, box with the devil You're allowed to watch Messin' with my money? You can count the cost and get stung like a cloud of a thousand wasps (Chorus) and You can watch while we Drown in grog, yea you can watch while we drown in grog you can watch while we drown in grog marrfucker iron stomach like a thousand squats Verse 2 Subtle like I never had to struggle ever Pen it like a troubled letter Voice has got that crumpled leather gutter texture If I'm grumpy catch a lumpy bredda, you're invalid tossin' salads while I'm out to get them Tubs of feta I'm In to win kicking you mugs up the arse And lickin' a fifth I'm In to sting, Rippin' you fuck ups apart My bars considered a sin I'm in it to bring a grimace and spit The rigorous will Of a Syllable king Shimmy and swing, Your beats are ringing and tinny as piss You idiot give a million kids Tinnitus, shit How can I sit here and listen to to this? Trust me, you don't give me nothing, You're bluffing, the stuff that you bring don't convince me a bit I crush em and pull out the stuffin' I duff em and rush em, and Hit em with Fists No discussion its done I'm just punching you bums At my limit and Sick of this shit Sick of this shit Aint nothing equivalent Take your free ticket And rip it to bits you sniveling hippys that spit got crustys that sit on your Shriveling syphilis dicks But everything is love , it really it is well, It was all love, 'til you caught feelings like a bitch now (Chorus)
Verse 1 Moulding soul With them olden tools You need to go to school, I Go back to them golden rules Scolding fools and I'm known as Cruel In this mode I'm fueled and I'm Colder than a bowl of gruel That's when I'm Boring ya centre-piece Spittin' summin ugly like Victorian dentistry You won't find me tourin in tel-aviv get my power in a flower like Them broads from the seventies Blessing from the Heavens he should pay me quickly From a place that's strictly Faith and Biggie over Drake and Nicki They say I smoke too much, I need a break its silly Uh! Make a milly Then ill blaze a Philly Lick a barrel With committee, in the slick apparel, I'll be council rich Banger racing Mickey Carroll Its Still life like that tin of Campbells inking classics like its Charles Dickens in the saddle (Chorus) Verse 2 If you're mates with Gizzy Tell your other friends that that's the kiddie, yea, let's all get giddy of sack of piddy Got my family wimme Crack a Tyskie, smash the city Always carry big cups Like some massive tittys If we touring, acting gutter Then your boring act'll suffer Rum is thicker than that water That's my brothers Listen kid. you out here beggin' like an idiot, I'm sick of it Tryna put my bredrin on and Diddy it? Little pricks, are nothing but a minion to bigger things, Its hideous to think, you think you're sick at this know its Strictly biz so Giz is in to Haggle I'm in to raise the stakes cos this life it is a gamble Its a hassle, you on the rock just Like a little Fraggle Yous a friggin' snitch And No-one likes a tittle-tattle comics for ya ears all exploding in the panels You kids are flannels, No-one give a fuck about your shitty channel Turn it off! Turn it off. Turn it off. Outro Cuts I act like no-one out there could touch Gizzy So I rap like no-one out there could fuck with me act like no-one out there could touch Gizzy So I rap like no-one out there could fuck with me x2 (Fuck you) My attitude is all fucked up and real shitty My attitude is all fucked up and real shitty
Sultan 03:18
Verse 1 Down a becks For the Sound effect If I aint got the Bottle Put My Scabby fingers round the neck Exit in a Cloud of peng At loud events, Its dry insulting me and kinda rich just like some Saudi men Louw it then You havn't got the Boulders fam I'm old school I'm from the 80s like a shoulder-pad (Haa) Control the hands With the soul of flash My solar flash Melting holes in your Polar caps Goin' mad Hold me back 'For I slowly crack The writings on the wall Like its Chrome and black (Uh) Do you get it, do you over-stand? Double O going bang with the Golden strap Police wanna Collar that man Had to Swallow that bag Now he's gone and that's that Coppers in the system like pipes On a gas I'm a don it like Madge When I Follow that van (Chorus) I do it differently to you and them, Big Gizzy from Committee yea my crew the best, who again? you again, we shuffle paper like the credits on the news at ten we shuffle paper like the news at ten we shuffle paper like the news at ten we shuffle paper like the news at ten make em say who again? thank god YOU AGAIN, Verse 2 Its a lie fella I never tried fail, quite pail, Whole bagga Cats in the whip tellin' 9 tales If Religion make u righteous then your minds frail, I scale, the Holy Grail of divine trails, The vine trails like a fine wines origins, picking off the branch In the forest Like foraging Hollering, like a drive-by bollocking Fake bitch catch a fat lip like colagen Call it cosmetic, hot headed, with a Bomb fetish, a lost relic like Loch-ness is Plastic bosses reppin' arms that are prosthetic, prophetic, my top penning got god jealous Yeaa that's whats happenin' now, I seen that bredda at the show out the back with a scowl, Acting like your missus is the baddest in town But I wont ever be in awe Cos she slagging about (Uh) I'm making money and I'm tracking it down, like the only motherfucker with a bag in the drought I'm Staggering out, bladdered with at can at my mouth And make the Moz of this art With that classical sound Another Challenger down I Rinse em instantly, this a Symphony of infamy cos everybody got it In for me I'm always on the winning team You kidding me? I kill a beat, And keep on rappin' like the Winter freeze (Chorus)
Dogfood 02:51
Verse 1 Big Giz I be everything you wish you was, Fucking up the battle Leave you dickheads rattled stinking when i'm drinking Grog, Making Dogfood of these chumps When I'm in the spot I am pedigree and my chums Like to Winalot, I'm Slicing rappers into meaty chunks, speaking on repeated funk, and with that feeble punch, a kid could probably beat you up, I Heat it up, it's your evening lunch Deep breathing Speech powered by my heaving lungs I'm abusing these set laws to get more, old folks asking 'why he paint the town red for?' I'm not that one you wanna send for fuck your ketaphors, heads nodding at the back flog a dead horse On this track we the best like it's S-class can't see the signs then you're dead like you trespassed only blame ourselves if we get parred but that'll never happen cos we rep hard (Chorus) Welcome to the show let me get past push to the front of the belly of the beast like stretchmarks Yes star I'm in the top few drop crews you aint getting nothing but Dogfood Verse 2 I stay gutter like a drain cover, Blaspheme, I'm taking out your wack team like train buffers When i'm summoned from the next realm They get hell, step down Or your heads found in a trench now Murdered muthaphuckas and I Slept well the best while you clowns claiming animal are let downs Like balloons is, move with the booze I'm on cans like units My musics the truth for you pooches Reppin South, with selected sounds Your whole game's pretend just like Wreck-It-Ralph With the lekky out yea You'll get tekken down Check it now, I'm collecting scalps When the records out A vocal force Givin' you a dose like a Trojan horse and that produce always Local sourced You can Get it in ya local stores Tryna battle's tryna row upstream with 2 Broken oars (Chorus)
Verse 1 Back broke with the world on my shoulders, mad quotes spat with a mouth fulla ulcers, Gang heavy, roll up like boulders, drink from my cup? That'll liquidize ya skull bruv, on some Indiana Jones stuff Link like Cold Crush bones of you old mugs These Lying snakes need to own up Flow with ya throat cut and choke on your own blood My names Gizmo and you wanna hack me I smack beats and make more contraptions than acme Cats couldn't cat me Catch up or match me Me against that Is like absinthe to shandy Split personality schizophrenic tag team Dirty like Rab c life on a Cracked screen I Jump hurdle like track meets And aint gonna stop til them purples are stacked neat NO! Verse 2 Everyday lax, put an axe through my planner , mouth lookin' rags like a bag fulla spanners, Rum from Havana To the gut got me bladdered Now I'm staggering around in the slums with a hammer living off The crumbs that I gather Numb to the fun and the sun got me Knackered Cos its dry when it come like Savannah And my funds got me glum so I sunk me a gallon And I'm in sync with Ugliness I find comfort in the guttering There's something in the scummy things What I wrote was Never summin writ I just Scribble on a page with a Bic until its coloured in and that's another southern hit But on reflection probably could of changed it up a bit Well, I done it for the fuck of it Now all I need to know is Where's the mothership I come here with
Bingo! 02:44
Yudunwanadrink no I make sinkholes when I Tip toe Thru ya crib cos I'm big mo No contest Dinlo Money is a pain cos I aint gonna win dough Bent back Under my bars like limbo On a drum beat, beat-all like Ringo. Ill keep on it, keep doin my thing 'til One line gets me a house like bingo. You don't wanna bust that ting No you're a lunch and a prick, (twat) muck about Get punched in the dick I don't really care if its fair cos I come from the bits Where shit gets thick And the scum wanna drink (SMASH) clunk widda sink Runt of the litter, with the Punks in the pit, funk widda twist Get drunk, step up, get jumped, get slumped, get lumped, widda brick Or Sumthin sick YO I made the riddim widda little bit of cunning, wudda give it to my cuzzin but then Gizzy had to run it Cos I'm givin it a hunnit If I did it couple summers back I really reckon that The kiddie Rizzle wudda done it Kick a little summin Cos I kill it and ya buzzin I don't listen to the bitchin and the fussin, cos I love it Rum Committee, Giz and all the others, Got em Sick of all the rubbish And so they hitching up to Sussex Like FUCK this To sum it up you're in deep shit, You can't fuck with the Giz you're a penis I'm a demon on beats and you're meanless And it runs thru my veins so I bleed it. See I speak for a reason, Speech is treason You could never reach this Feeling Seeding, leeching, breathing creeping, leaving, change like trees in the seasons our musics like our drink cos We aint Having pop Rum committee Smashin spots Drunk and getting bladdered lots my musics like my drink cos I aint Having pop Gizzy Smashin spots Drunk and getting bladdered lots
Britflix 03:59
Verse 1 Ashes falling from the heavy Cuban The weather humid, zoom in, something moved me like a revolution 33 per minute on the record what its rounded to i sit down with drinks in a thick cloud of gloom Certified, My hood hides deserted eyes The Murky right, serpentine Thieves wear a shirt and tie No respect I Show Dissent and keep their noses bent, code of men, grow resentful of my closest friends hardheaded and i'm heartless like tinman The yin-yan spins hands dirty like a binman I'm that guy street like Pad-Thai, I aint talking Akai But Mp's get smacked til they act right The flow aint summin you can ascertain when chemicals evaporate They coming back as Acid rain the blackest days Made The Fear numb So my cold heart sung And it Froze up their tear ducts (Chorus: Rag 'N' Bone man) Wanna take your soul (take your soul) There's nothing left (nothing left) Wanna clock my moves (they wanna clock my moves) Every other step Verse 2 collisions with instinctiveness Intrinsic links presented In the Limitless Any thinking uninhibited Scams are legitimate? Man I'm just sick of it Money over music bland over brilliance Grands over everything worked and I fought for it Complaints Over Sentiments Mindless over thoughtfulness fuck your dreams Destruction what they lust and fiend With the clarity of claret on a dusty scene Crush your schemes snuffed your team in a clustered heap due to pressure that was thrust on me Trust me its unusual when everything is beautiful, but kiddies on the street are singing hooks to all the tunes I do. Dudes up to in boozer yea they knew it too. Spend a day with me you'll see my life is like a musical. hmm that's Sarcasm, barely used at all a harsh spasm and can't fathom a use at all (Chorus)
Woke up in my warm bed! with a sore head! spinnin from that horse legs! Smoking on that courgette! Gizzy Thick skinned like Gortex Different rappers on my dick - Durex Gullyfied, Southern fried With them sullen eyes Only seeing red Like I'm Colour blind You can't mistake me for some other guy I'm the one said fuck your life Gizzy style duck and dive Rum committee Here to make you bop this evening we won't stop until we toppling a non believer There's Movies that were gonna be in Boobies that we wanna squeeze n truly We got groupies that would box ya teeth in So don't book us for some shitty pub in Bognor regis they show us love From Hong Kong to Costa Rica That's cos were solid with the Constant heaters If you aint bollocks You can Holla if you want a feature I'm swift so you wont Ever See me strike When I hit Not Even officers Could read my rights Got it cracking Cos I'm sick of these impostor rappers Most are keyboard warriors With postures like Velocoraptors Pulling up In the Camo truck I'm with a army at the offie picking ammo up Bags on my shoulder Strapped like a soldier 6 pack revolvers pissy like ammonia Wash you smelly fannys With a leather shammy and ill be Rappin like a baddie till I Get a grammy I wasn't born of any normal shit The first person that I saw was the abortionist The first word from my jaws was prolly your a prick Watch us Storming up u morons If were cornered in you best Approach with caution Its a warning ting
Yareeaha 02:07
(Chorus) Stomp heads, chop necks, Yareeaha what's next Leg Drops, chess box, Knees pop, dogs legs X2 Verse 1 You got a wooden scowl that All these pussys wouldn't doubt You should look out, have you looking backwards like a woodland owl, Go to 50 places Break ya neck in 50 places Its the Giz he is abrasive, But the difference he don't stage it, He don't slave it Its a risk I'm into take it Now cos me and this is Integrated, vindicated fiddling with my money is a payslip withhold the wages going postal on vocation Put the 9 to 5 like its a day-shift Bombing em, phenomenon Move like broke foreigners Sin like King Solomon Smooth like Smokey Robinson on it then, ill twist ya limbs Until it clicks, and split ya shins With scissor kicks until you friggin dicks admit you didn't win (Chorus) Dusting off the cobwebs Kids are sleepin' then its cot death Cos its rotten how I clock them And their Knees pop like a dogs leg You acting like you monsters - no-ones seen it like its Loch-Ness Exposing You vaginas like some panties that are crotch-less Boxing you casually, rock you with jabs and be stomping you rapidly foot to the floor, bombing your family rockets and cavalry oh the humanity Pushing for war Lost with insanity, stopping for salarys poppin them valaries Lookin for more bars that I wrote should get hung in the gallery, fuckin with Gary get Booked in the morgue
Verse 1 My philosophy is fuck shit up short distance with velocity Like One inch punch The only answer to Atrocity Is Trust in us And ill be Bothering authority till they become defunct I slumped some And dump like Dums dums sunk and cupped rums I clutched With numb thumbs I Punched and Bumped mugs jumped and run slums With thugs and young guns For funds in Lump sums Done - City to the sticks Just Like Brighton rock Sculpting out a sound Like I Chiseled down the writers block Its Light work Like I'm signing on My brand'll leave impressions If I press it while the Iron hot the Science of Experience where letters form Metaphysics in these Multi-layered Metaphors Mentally i'm venomous I Disrespect the law Cos, if I aint getting mine Then I'm getting yours (Chorus) an untold adventure That unfolds and gets ya That Gut feeling That'll come scold ya centre, I cut throats to end a Mugs show then enter An untold adventure Verse 2 My philosophy is Fuck shit up And My skills are standing Solidly You must adjust The only answer to this bollocks be To cluster up Because you mugs aint got a thing on the Illustrious uh Significantly iller with a signature sound its, Gizzy I go realer, like gorillas and pound fists. The Villain in town with the villagers round him You'd have to visit hell Just to see who I'm Down with You loud pricks display of ignorance is astounding, Dumbfound em leave em all fi dead Like Nostalgics modern day version of Lit torch and Pitchfork The Lights go out and puts a cease On ya shit talk The lights come back that's the ignorance ignored Or dealt with in a shitty manner I aint wish for. In a shitty manner I aint wish for Its Inner city manors to the sticks WAR / RAW (Chorus) X2


On the south coast of England there is a town called Brighton, although certain residents there call it Boozetown, for reasons you’d understand if you went there on a cold autumn night when the sea wind makes shivers that only a double rum or two can extinguish. In Brighton there’s a big old beach, and along that beach there runs a long promenade. On that promenade, there is a bench. Sat on that bench, there is a man, swigging from a can of something that you can be sure isn’t Red Bull. You may find him noshing on a box of greasy chicken, or smoking something hand-rolled, as the waves wash the beach. Meet Gizmo, aka Gary Guttasnypes, aka Big Gizzy, noteworthy microphone molester and scourge of the South Coast.

You know Giz. You know him as 20% of the vocal constituents of Rum Committee, the 10-strong – at least – collective of dastardly swine responsible for dodgy (in a good way) underhand (again, a compliment) confections like Boozetown and Committee Is Boss, records that drip with liquor sweat and camaraderie and beats to bludgeon you in the skull. But there’s a time in every man’s life when he has to go it alone, and for Gary Guttasnypes, the time has come, a time to tell tales of hitherto unimparted misdemeanors…

Great adventures need great music, on some Indiana Jones shit. Well remember those things called “beats”? Beats that went UHH, and THUNK, and WHUT, and KLACK, and got you in the solar plexus rather than nibbling your neck? These those beats right here. Raw beats, beats with too much cellulite in their arse, those Iron Gut beats, Dogfood with its clattering Soul Assassins boom, rainy day afternoon sesh jazz on Ashes Falling, the ragged-ass rumba of Bingo!, the metronomic funk dirt of Go Back… And, through it all, the man Gary Guttasnypes going it alone – no rap guest drops here – singing songs of sickness and a pocket full of rye (whiskey) and, in Britflix, the finest single-theme scheme you’ll hear this year.

Everybody needs some adventure in their life. Well, here’s thirteen of them to get you started.


released October 25, 2013

TRACKS 3,4,6,9,10,11 & 13 PRODUCED BY KD


all rights reserved



Rum Committee Brighton, UK

Rum Committee is a Brighton supercrew consisting of 4 Emcees 1 Singer and 5 producer/Dj's. The Committee are known for smashing tracks/shows/battles or any other task that is laid out in front of them with creativity, originality & flair. Hard hitting debut album "Boozetown" has set the precedent for a plethora of solo and team projects which will continue to push barriers and turn heads alike. ... more

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